When planning for Spa Retreat Cary began, a lot of thought and consideration went into what type of business we wanted to be a part of.  Because of that, one of our strongest philosophies is rooted in giving back.  As a business and as individuals, we believe that when you care for one another and give back to the community, the love will spread.  Every quarter SRC will choose a local charity or organization to donate money, time, resources, etc., to.  This quarter, we have chosen Duke Children’s Hospital.  It is personally near and dear to my heart, and here is why:

I, Sally, am writing this from the comfort of my recliner, 12 days post-op from a total right hip replacement.  You see, I grew up in Duke Children’s Hospital.  My first surgery, at 10 weeks old, was a cleft lip repair (the first of 5) at Duke.  Fast forward to 1998, I underwent 2 major hip surgeries.  These resulted in longer stays in the hospital and 6 months in a wheelchair and/or on crutches.

My time in the hospital shaped the person I am today.  I learned empathy and compassion at a young age.  I learned what it was like to be humbled by a child; sicker, weaker, lonelier than you.  The staff was always patient, attentive and caring.  During one of my visits, I had the pleasure of meeting former WWE Wrestler, Macho Man Randy Savage!  This may seem silly, but to a child in the hospital, distractions from pain and medical lingo are always welcome.  With continued support and donations, the Duke Children’s Hospital can continue to grow, offering better medical and non-medical solutions to the children who call it home, short term or long term.

If I had a quarter for every time someone said, “You’re too young to have been through so much,” I could retire.  They are right, I am young to have just experienced my 16th surgery and my second hip replacement in a year.  However, there are much tougher things in this life and my time in a children’s hospital taught me that.  I am unbelievably lucky.  For my luck, I want to give back to the place that was home on and off during my childhood.  


Join Spa Retreat Cary next week, Thursday, August 31st to take part in our first charity event.  All net profits made will be donated to Duke Children’s Hospital.  Call our Guest Service Associates or book your appointment online. Relax knowing you are helping to make a difference.


Can’t make it next Thursday? SRC is accepting donations to give to Duke Children’s Hospital through the end of Q3, September 30th. Feel free to donate during your next regularly scheduled spa visit!