Most of the time, we men only think about the spa when contemplating what to gift the special ladies in our lives. Whether it’s a special day coming up, or you just want to show your love by treating them to a day of pampering; this is the only time we think about the spa.

My idea of relaxation is either watching a game, working on the house, wrenching on a car, or doing something else that is active and productive.

That’s perfectly okay! That’s how we men think. This also makes it easier for us, because we don’t have to think about what a spa does. We don’t have to learn the lingo so we can understand the menu. Honestly, ladies, the spa is an overwhelming place for us, because we have no idea what we are looking at, and couldn’t be bothered to learn.

But… What are the men in your lives missing out on by staying at home? Sure, when we stay at home, you get to have all the fun at the spa either by yourself, your girlfriends, or mother-daughter bonding time. Time apart is good for the soul, but bringing your husband to the spa might just be the relaxation and bonding that you have been looking for in your relationship.

Men need to relax too! So, why not try a couple’s massage? Loosen those muscles up together. Spend some time in the sauna together. And, you all know that the men in your life don’t take the best care of their feet. I mean, we put on the work boots, or dress shoes, head out for the day and forget about our feet. This is one area of care that admittedly gets looked over by most men. Seriously, take them to get a pedicure with you.

The couple’s massage/ pedicure/ sauna combination is my favorite couple’s day at the spa! It’s nothing that is too uncomfortable for a man to admit that he did, and the experience is so rejuvenating! The icing on the cake- you spent some time together in a relaxing environment, and away from all the distractions of life. It’s the perfect way to keep that fire burning.