Team Member: Matt

Profession: Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist

From: Durham, NC


Educational Background/Training:

Body Therapy Institute-Siler City

Trained with Deep Feet Bar Therapy-Ashiatsu in Durham

Years of Practice: 3


Specific targeted work that is structurally based but has the capacity to be relaxing.

Why did you get into your profession?

Matt had been pursing a career in dance, but suffered professional injuries, and then discovered Ashiatsu. This brought about a positive transition from ballet to a new medium that allowed Matt to assist others.

What is your favorite SRC service to perform? Why?

The Relieve with an additional 30 minute massage.  Most people complain about upper body (shoulder & neck pain) mainly due to the extensive hours most are spending in front of a computer.  This allows Matt to spend time on targeted areas of your fascia to allow your nervous system to relax, for stress relief for the rest of the body.

What’s Fascia? Connective tissue found throughout the body that can cause restrictions due to our movement patterns.

What is your favorite service to get outside of your specialty?

Rejuvenate Facial–loves the natural, organic skin care.  The Shira products are a good example of natural products that are results-driven.  Matt loves our Estis!

What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t at SRC?

Spending time in nature, especially on the American Tobacco Trail, and walking through Chapel Hill and Carrboro with their partner.

Featured Service: Relieve w/ 30 minute add-on

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