Team Member: Olivia

Profession: Licensed Esthetician

From: Saugerties, NY


  • Educational Background/Training: I attended Miller-Motte where I attained the basis of my knowledge, but have continued to expand my techniques and skills through various training.


  • Years of Practice: One, but with a lifetime of passion for the industry


  • Passion: Bring someone out of their daily stresses in the world into their personal retreat and help wash away those things with the cleanser. The most gratifying aspect of my job is focusing on all the little things that add up to create an amazing service.


  • Future focuses: Reiki & reflexology


  • Why did you get into your profession? I’ve always wanted to help people, and looked into several different paths, and finally found esthetics. My career combines all of the ways I can help people (skin care, relaxation, etc).


  • What is your favorite SRC service to perform? Why? Rejuvenate Facial, because it uses our Shira Products, which are truly organic products that feel, smell, and respond beautifully with my guests’ skin. Shira is great because it’s true to the green initiative, is organic and safe, doesn’t contain parabens or chemical preservatives, and is NEVER tested on animals in any capacity. This facial is also my favorite because it includes extractions and extra relaxation features while still being results-driven.
  • What is your favorite service to get outside of your specialty? A rejuvenate pedicure!
  • What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t at SRC? Spending time with James, going on new adventures such as hiking and exploring new towns. I also love yoga.
  • Featured Service: Rejuvenate Facial

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