Ten years ago this month through a series of events, some wonderful in the moment and others a painful lesson in patience and acceptance, my career began. I didn’t know it at the time, but my life went down a very different path the day I found a fateful ad for a “Spa Attendant” at a small resort spa in Oahu, Hawaii. It was quickly apparent that Hospitality and Guest Services Management were my true calling. Since my first day working with a talented group of massage therapists, I realized that the spa industry helps balance out the stressful and uncongenial aspects of our clients’ daily lives. Even on the worst of days, knowing that I am a part of a team that promotes wellness, happiness, and relaxation is so inspiring.


The further I grew into my career the more I realized that, as a whole, spa employees give and nurture on a consistent basis. Unlike medical procedures or traditional retail, spa services are mainly elective, and every experience is expected to deliver consistently and precisely as described. Throughout the years, I’ve identified many opportunities for improvement. I’ve always taken action to implement change. As an employee, there will always be a stopping point to the level of improvement you can bring to an established business.


Thankfully, over the years, I’ve developed wonderful friendships with many people that are like-minded and inspired me to do more. The first friend to encourage this leap into ownership is also my business partner, Chase Wilhelm. Chase and I met at my very first job in 2007, and he reminded me of a conversation we had all those years ago “one day we’re going to open a spa together” – to which I laughed and dismissed it as a far-off dream that would never come to fruition. I am so thankful to say I was wrong. The second friend that has been by my side, as my support group and advocate, is Sally Shaw-Owen. We instantly bonded 6 years ago when I interviewed her, and have been great friends ever since. As our very talented Guest Services Manager, Sally brings many years of hospitality expertise and a natural ability to create the ideal environment for fun, laughter, and tranquility. Through a network of friends and co-workers, past and present, I was inspired enough to create a business that encompasses everything we love about our industry and provide a happy home for spa professionals to flourish in their careers.


Raleigh became our home in 2009, offering everything my husband Tony and I wanted for our daughter, Alyvia. We’ve grown our roots here, love the city and the people, and have friends we consider family. North Carolina has been great to our family, and I’m so thankful we are now able to give back. Our spa is focused on sustainability, supporting the local economy, and being environmentally conscious in all that we do. In addition to providing an exceptional workplace and a home for many local vendors, we promise to provide a true retreat to every guest that comes to visit, with an ultimate goal to add each of you to our spa family. Welcome to Spa Retreat Cary!