Sustainability and the Green Initiative are easy enough to commit to in theory. In reality, it takes dedication, mindfulness, and daily practices to accomplish with noticeable difference. The three R’s are simple at times, but it’s a pretty big task to keep up these practices during a complete design and build of a spa. At Spa Retreat Cary, we truly are committed to reducing waste, repurposing where appropriate, and recycling every day. Here are a few steps we’ve taken so far to keep up with our promise:


The beginning of any new business starts with finding your key partners with like-minded goals. We sought out a local designer, Alison Roane of ACR Interiors, who is familiar with eco-luxury and green projects. ACR loves to work with eco-friendly and local companies – they’ve connected us with NC-based Kristin Drohan to create two beautiful custom pieces for the spa. ACR provides us with green choices for furniture, construction materials, and even décor. One of our favorite connections is Chelsea at LuxeMark, a Raleigh company that found us the perfect counters, accessories, and NC-based cabinetry.

Next we sought out local companies for our retail and backbar products (see our ‘Farm to (Massage) Table’ blog!). We didn’t stop there! For custom carpentry, Five Fork Studio in Durham created our incredible, hand-crafted reception sign and custom-made treatment carts. Cotton of the Carolinas is working to produce our SRC t-shirts made from local cotton farms. You can check out their process and trace your t-shirt’s origin when you take home your very own SRC custom shirt. Have you heard of Videri Chocolate Factory? Yes, we will be carrying their delightful locally-made chocolate bars in retail, and keep an eye out for wine & chocolate pairings in upcoming featured services.

All of our efforts to support our community through other small businesses helps our NC economy. Just as importantly, we’re reducing the carbon footprint to bring these treats to your Retreat. After these first steps, we’ll continue these practices daily. Typical day spas use a ton of water and electricity with linens, treatments, and hygienic upkeep. To help offset this, SRC opted for pedicure bowls without jets. This is a popular practice in high-end spas, and has gained popularity because it’s more sanitary than a traditional pedicure. We will subsequently reduce water use by 80%!

With every choice made, we weighed the options of quality vs. single-use or high-waste. Through this process, we found our choices to be sustainable and luxurious while maintaining the highest standards. SRC is working with the Green Spa Network to ensure we meet sustainability requirements; by the end of 2017 we will be certified and the only GSN certified spa in North Carolina!


From construction to supplies to retail, we are maintaining our promise to be your only green, luxury Spa Retreat choice in the Triangle. Be sure to check out our next blog about our local partners and the big plans we have for working together in 2017!